Bubbly Baby Aces

Bubbly Baby Aces 02This is a card trick with a miniature deck of cards, and an elegant long stem Wine Glass. Although using Miniature Cards, the item plays well for a large audience because of its visual nature.
The performer removes the four Aces from the miniature deck, and introduces them into four different places in the deck. The deck is then placed in the Crystal Wine Glass, effectively isolating the deck from any trickery.
A handkerchief is now passed over the glass, and one of the Aces is seen to have “floated” to the face of the deck. The Ace is removed, and replaced into the deck.
The hanky is passed over the glass once again, and another Ace floats to the face of the deck. This is replaced in the middle of the deck, and the whole thing repeated twice more, as the other two Aces float to the face of the deck in the Wine Glass.
We supply you the Miniature Deck of Bicycle Back Playing Cards, the elegant Wine Glass, the fake Miniature Bicycle Card required to perform the effect and full photo illustrated instructions to perform this. You need to use your own (or a borrowed) handkerchief or silk to present this. The trick is mechanical and does not require any sleights or moves other than to follow the simple set up and handling described in the instructions.

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