Happy Birthday Bag Blendo

The performer displays four large silks colored black, white, blue and yellow and an empty red bag. The bag is shown inside and out, and is seen to be of the same color. The silks are dropped in the bag and the bag is snapped. In an instant the bag transforms into a very large … Read more

Clatter Box – Wood

A coloured silk is removed from a decorated box held by a spectator. The Magician vanishes the silk, and claims the silk will magically re-appear in the box. When the spectator attempts to open the box, it falls to pieces, with the silk attached to top of box dangling in spectator’s hand. Will draw a … Read more

Court Card Silk Outfit (KS / QH)

Another popular series are the card silks, that depict playing cards. The Court Card Silk Outfits are available as pairs comprising of a blank white silk, and a silk with a QH or KS in an 18″ size, and many tricks you can perform with these.  

Gloves to Streamer

Gloves to Zebra Streamer

A great opening effect! The magician, wearing one black glove and one white glove , clasps his hands together and takes off the gloves. The gloves are then thrown into the air, turning into a black and white striped streamer. This is a beautiful effect, and the streamer is custom-dyed pure silk. Great for any … Read more

Bubbles Hank (20 inch)

Magic with Silks is colorful and appealing for any audience. Silks make ideal production items, compressing into a small place, and making a large colorful display when produced. Everybody interested in Magic will have his own favorite way for using these Silks. Some uses are from standard production props like Wonder Boxes, Jap Boxes, Mirror … Read more

Four Parasol Production

The performer displays four different colored silks, Red, Blue Green and Yellow, which are convincingly displayed one at a time as ordinary and empty. He now reaches into the silks and produces four large colorful parasols. We supply all the required “silks”. load gimmick, and the parasols. Highly visible even on a large stage.  Yet … Read more