Middle Diddle Silk

Performer displays a board divided in three, with a hole in each third. The two end sections are in different colors, while the center has a zebra striped pattern, allowing the audience to clearly identify the three sections.. A silk is passed through the hole in the end red section. The ends of the silk … Read more


The Devil Hanky is a very useful accessory, for vanishing any item, like a watch, coin, ring, … anything upto the size of a full deck of cards. It resembles an ordinary handkerchief. Gather the four corners, drop the item to be vanished inside, then whip open the hanky, and the item has vanished. You … Read more


A new and different production silk, with a novel touch of Magic. The performer reaches into his empty hat, ans says he will produce a rabbit. But he only produces a silk, which when opened displays a Duck, and not a rabbit.  Surprised, the performer folds the silk, and when he opens it again, the … Read more

Drink to Silk

Magician pours a colored liquid into a clear glass tumbler. With a few magical gestures, he freezes the liquid , so that when the glass is inverted the liquid is seen frozen in the glass, and does not pour out, He reaches into the glass, and pulls out the contents, – it is not liquid, … Read more

Eggs – Posure

This is a sucker effect where the Magician explains the how of the trick, then ends with a climax implying  real magic Performer shows a colored handkerchief in his hand.  He rolls it between his hands, and it changes into an egg. He now explains that he actually uses a hollow egg with a hole … Read more