Color Changing Rabbit

Color Changing RabbitThis is a compact version of the famous Hippity Hop Rabbit children’s effect.
The performer shows a Gray cut out Rabbit under a rectangular cover, with a picture of a Hat.
The gray rabbit is covered and after some by-play is found to have changed to a Brown Rabbit when the cover is lifted.
This is repeated a couple of times, and the audience tells you they are not impressed, as the rabbit is gray on one side, and brown on the other, and you are simply turning it around. 
You appear offended at this suggestion of blatant trickery, and turn the cutout rabbit around to show this is not true. The opposite side shows a colorful Cartoon Character, and you can show there is nothing inside the cover, allowing the audience to look right through this.
A large stage size effect, made in wood and particle board, attractively finished, complete and ready to use, with instructions. Specially recommended for kid show performers.

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