Card Decks -Jumbo- Heavy Board (Red or Blue Back)

Jumbo-DecksThis is a superior deck of Jumbo Cards, printed on 450 gsm board which is one and a half times the thickness and grammage of regular playing 310 gsm cards. These cards are very sturdy and will not sag or bend when held by one corner, like the Jumbo cards printed on thinner board. We have both red and blue back decks (each deck has 52 cards + Joker) and several matching fake cards that go with this, as detailed below. Please specify when ordering whether you want RED back or BLUE back decks, or both at a special pair price.
No instructions are supplied with the decks, but you can use these Jumbo Cards to adapt many of your favorite card tricks for stage or platform use. Some favorites are Spelling Bee Effects, Set-up decks, Out of this World etc. Or you can make up your favorite packet tricks using the comprehensive range of fake cards available. For example a single double back card can convert your regular deck to a very clever forcing deck. Check any standard text book of Card Magic, (like Encyclopedia of Card Tricks) for 100s of uses of the regular decks and fake cards.
Please note that this product involves an investment of lacs of Rupees, and once sold out, it would be many years before a complete range is again available, possibly at a much higher cost. We recommend every magician get a supply now, while they last. This is not a sales pitch – just sincere advise, since we get requests for many such items after they are sold out, and it is no longer feasible to make a small fresh lot to cater to those that missed the original offer.