Beating Inflation – Rupee Model

Beating InflationTricks where you “make money” are popular with any audience, because that is what every one would do if they really knew magic. This one does it with a double impact, and comes to you at a ridiculously low price !
Effect :- The performer displays a blank piece of paper freely on both sides.
One of the best and most profitable tricks I ever learnt was changing a blank piece of paper into money by magic…” He says. He folds the blank paper, blows on it, and when he opens it out again, the blank paper has changed into a 10/- note, which is again displayed on both sides.
That was a very good trick, when I first learnt it many years ago. Unfortunately with inflation being what it is, 10/- is as good as a piece of blank paper today. So now I have graduated to transforming a 10/- to a 1000/-…“.
The 10/- note is again folded, blown on, and when opened is found to be a 1000/- note. This is again displayed on both sides, then tucked away (with smug satisfaction) in your pocket or wallet.
The apparatus supplied is ready to work, and does it all for you. Although the notes supplied are Indian play money (what can you expect for this price ? !!!), you could also make this up with real money, folded and pasted just like the item supplied for a bigger impact, if you don’t mind the investment.
We make 100s of tricks, and this is one of our favorites – something that is always in our wallet, ready to go !

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