Sing Sing Ring Box

  The magician borrows a wedding ring or a coin or any similar small article. Article can be wrapped in a handkerchief or folded into a piece of paper which is held over the top of a small brass box which is freely shown. Dramatically you show that the ring or article has vanished. Spectator … Read more

Super Steel Ball & Tube

super steel ball and tube

The ball and tube mystery, where a steel ball magically sinks into a tube which is smaller on the inside than the diameter of the ball is an effect most magicians would be familiar with. We have the traditional model in our range, ( Ball & Tube Mystery ) We now have a super version … Read more

Pin Through Brass Block

Pin Through Brass Block

This is an amazing close up effect, where an examined pin or needle penetrates through a solid brass block. And everything can be left for examination. We supply the special precision engineered brass block, and full instructions. The video below is a large version of the same item.

Impossible Chain Thru Bolt

This amazing solid through solid effect happens right under the spectator’s nose! A nut, a bolt and a small chain are the apparatus supplied. All can be handled and examined by a spectator. Effect : A nut, a bolt and a small chain are given to a spectator. The nut and bolt have holes drilled … Read more