Sing Sing Ring Box


The magician borrows a wedding ring or a coin or any similar small article. Article can be wrapped in a handkerchief or folded into a piece of paper which is held over the top of a small brass box which is freely shown. Dramatically you show that the ring or article has vanished. Spectator takes up the brass box and examines it. It takes approximately twelve turns of the screw top lid to open it. The box is absolutely solid and impenetrable and yet, inside the box, is the borrowed ring!

This box is similar to the Bill Tube with many added advantages. Basically the effect is the transposition of any borrowed article.  A Ring, Coin, Bill etc. (which can be borrowed and marked for positive identification) vanishes from a spectator’s hands, and reappears in a solid Brass Box with a screw-on lid which may be taped down.  An extra long thread is provided on the lid, which requires some time to open. The Ring Box  has several advantages over the normal Bill Tube.  Much larger objects can be made to appear in this, like coins, Wedding or Signet Rings, lapel pins, ear rings, etc. which would not fit into the usual Bill Tube.  You could also use this to reproduce a borrowed bill or note.

Another advantage is that the SS Ring Box can be introduced and kept on view, before the object is selected.  Any performer with average skill can load the borrowed items into the box, in an instant, without having to do this in his pocket or behind cover.