Sucker Glass Vanish Plus

sucker-glass-vanish-plusThe performers assistant displays a glass on a tray. He covers the glass with a tube, slides the tube on the tray and lifts it up, and the glass is gone. The audience is not much impressed, because when the tray is accidentally(?) turned around, the glass is exposed, stuck in a hole in the tray !

So the performer steps in, repeats the magic, and Presto ! the glass is really gone. We added to this classic sucker Magic effect, so that you can also perform a Passe Passe Milk effect with the props supplied. where a clear glass visibly filled with milk magically travels from under one tube to another. The special mechanical props supplied make these effects easy to perform. Good visual magic for stage use, the props include the cloth covered wood tray with decorative frill, powder coated metal tubes, plastic glasses, and full instructions and routines.