Mental Die – Plastic

A plastic model of our HOT selling Super Mental Die Effect : A plastic die with 3 different colors or facial expressions is placed in an opaque box, and handed to the performer behind his back. The performer reveals the colour on top of the die. Although similar to items like Color Vision in effect, … Read more

T Puzzle – Small 2.25″

The ‘T’ puzzle is one of the popular and well known puzzles, where a perfect ‘T’ is formed with four pieces. It is clever, and one can try for hours to solve this simple puzzle, if he does not have the solution. It is also possible to make many other letters of the alphabet; and … Read more

Rope To Silk

rope to silk

The magician displays a piece of rope about 18″ in length which he claims is a piece of the “Famous Indian Rope Trick”. The rope is held at one end and the other end held up. When the top end is left the rope falls down just like a normal rope. This is repeated once … Read more