Confetti Wand – With Refills

Another gimmicked Magic Wand to add an extra touch of color to your act.

Use this as a regular Magic Wand in your act. When you wish, just flick the wand, and a large amount of confetti shoots out of the wand, cascading down in a flutter of colors.

Repeat this again a little later in your act. (Each filling will permit you to perform this twice.)
Each set comprises of the special Magic Wand and a supply of confetti refills that will permit you to perform this for several shows. The wand is a simple hollow wand, designed to take the confetti load. There are no mechanical, electrical, or electronic parts to go wrong, and you get the complete outfit at a very low affordable price.

Confetti Wand Refills – Also available separately is a set of extra Confetti Refills, for when the ones supplied with your wand run out.