Alphabet Deck

Alphabet DeckThe Alphabet deck supplied is a deck of cards with the letters of the alphabet.

All the 26 letters are represented in the deck of 54 cards, with the more common letters like A, D, E, etc. being duplicated or triplicated, depending on their use in the English language. There is also a blank card, which can be used as a JOKER or Wild Card to represent any letter in the alphabet.

You can use the deck for some magic props that require this, (like the popular Spelling Bee effect), or use the deck to perform some intriguing magic.

You can also adapt some regular card tricks to these alphabet cards, specially for children in the 5 to 12 age group, who may not be familiar with the regular playing cards, but are familiar with the letters of the alphabet.

We have had these decks custom made for us in response to several requests for the item. Professionally printed on black center playing card stock, with 55 cards in the deck, and supplied with ideas for some intriguing magical routines.