Vanishing Statue of Liberty

Van SOLibertyOn April 8, 1983 Magician David Copperfield made magic history by vanishing the Statue of Liberty before a live audience, under “controlled” conditions, with helicopters above and Television cameras to record the grand illusion for posterity. 

The original illusion made headlines, and the theme inspired quite a few “poor man’s replications” of this novel effect. This is yet another version, good for close-up, school, club, platform and party performance.

Effect : The performer displays a window envelope, containing a card with the picture of the Statue of Liberty with two helicopters hovering above. 
The envelope is turned around and the card pulled out part way and the back of the picture displayed to show the “large audience” that witnessed the original illusion printed on the back of the card. The card is pushed back and the envelope turned around so the face of the card is again displayed. 
The Statue Of Liberty has magically GONE although the helicopters are still there. The card is pulled and handed for examination. The presentation is garnished by detailing the original effect as presented by Copperfield.

The card/envelope measure approximately 5.5″ wide and 8.5″ long, making this an item suitable for a fairly large audience. Attractively offset printed in full color on good quality Art board, this is a pack flat prop with a catchy presentation theme, at a very affordable price.