Ultra Fine 18″ Silk – Thank You

Ultra PS-Thank youMagic with Silks is colorful and appealing for any audience. Silks make ideal production items, compressing into a small place, and making a large colorful display when produced.
This has been one of our most popular series for many years. We have reintroduced these production hanks in Ultra Fine Silks. A little more expensive than our regular production silks, but much better and finer quality, and very durable. Produced in an 18″ size with special art work created for us by the famous magician cartoonist Ed Harris, these “silks” are produced in five or more colors.
Everybody interested in Magic will have his own favorite way for using these Silks. Some uses are from standard production props like Wonder Boxes, Jap Boxes, Mirror Boxes, Production Mats, Square Circles, Hollow Wands, “Empty” Boxes, Tubes, and Tins, Paper Cones, etc.., etc.
These Silks are also ideal for several transformation effects, like Vanishing Canes, and Candles, or transformation of Doves, Flowers, Gloves, Billiard Balls and other magical odds and ends to Silks!
One very appealing production is a Bare hand one, where the performer shows his hands empty, flicks his hand, and a silk appears at his finger tips ! Or perhaps, he nips the flame off a lighted candle, and there is silk between his fingers. Again there is no dearth of methods for Bare Hand Productions, and any magician can find several methods for this in any standards Magic Text Book.
The “Thank You” Production Silk is an ideal way to end your show or acknowledge applause at the end of an act or any routine.