Thumb Tip Card Silk Set (8D & AS)

TT-Card-Silk-set-8D This is a pair of miniature (about 8″ square) fine quality Silks, one with a picture of a blank card, and one of a playing card design on a blue background.
The fine quality and small size will enable you to easily conceal either of the silks in a thumb tip. There are several ways to use this pair of silks, for some offbeat “extra” to your card routines, and we give some ideas with the silks to start you off. For all the effects you would need to force a card identical to the card on the silk. You could do this from an ordinary deck, with any of the regular card forces like X-ing the Cut, or Cut Deeper Force, or you could use a trick Forcing Deck like the Svengali Deck, or R&S Forcing Deck to force the required card.
TT-Card-Silk-set-ASSome of the effects detailed in the instructions include :
Simple Production : Card Selected (forced) that matches the card on silk. The Card silk is pre-loaded in your thumb tip. You reach behind card and produce the silk with card printed on it. (Silk produced from TT)
Silk Dye : Remove deck from case. Remove the blank Card silk from your pocket, display it freely, having it examined if you like. Say you will place this blank card silk in the case for “safe keeping”. You may show the silk is in the case, then close flap, and ask a spectator to hold it.
Now force card on spectator. Have him tap the case with his selected card. Then have him open case and discover an image of his selected card printed on the silk !
Image Transposition : . Have a card selected (forced), then place the card, along with the blank card silk in a Change Bag which has been shown empty. Have spectator pull out the contents. The card is now blank, and the image is on the Silk !
Confusing Transpositions : As we make these silks in more than one design. If you have two different card silks, you can perform the effect with an added twist. First you transform the blank silk to one with a different card silk – not the selected card. (You could do this by the Top of Pocket dodge described in instructions). Then you have spectator place the selected card and the misprinted silk in the Change Bag, – now the silk has the correct image and the card is printed with the other (wrong) image.

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