Super Pompom Stick – Glitter

Glitter-Pom-Pom-StickThis is one of those effects of magic that has no “theme” and makes no sense !  Yet it has been the favorite of many of the great performers, a hit with audiences over the years, and a feature effect with comedy magicians like Ali Bongo. 
In Effect, the performer shows a “glitter” rod, with a pair of  pompoms on strings at both ends. One pair of pompoms are on a long string and one pair on a very short string. Actual colors of pompoms may vary in various sets, but we will presume your set has a red and blue pompom on a short string at one end and a yellow and green pompom on a long string at the opposite end of the rod. The rod is held horizontally. If you pull up the green pompom the yellow pompom goes up, and if  you release it the yellow pompom goes down, “proving” they are attached to the two ends of the long string…. Then you pull up the red pompom on the opposite side, and the yellow pompom goes up and the red and blue pompoms are now on a long string and the yellow and green ones on a short string.  Pull up the red pompom and the blue goes up, release it and the blue goes down obviously as you would expect.  But then you pull down the yellow pompom and the blue goes up. This is continued over and over again, it seems every pompom is attached to each other in a magical way. 

Having done this till your audience is groaning, – not “how does he do it” but  “why does he do it”, the performer breaks the stick in the middle to show there are no connections between the pompoms at the opposite ends and it is just a hollow rod. Then he puts the rod back together again and repeats the effect once more, and the red pompom is connected to the green pompom and the green one to yellow and the yellow to the blue and so on … 

The apparatus supplied consists of the glitter rod with the large pom poms attached, and instructions. A large prop highly visible even for stage use. 


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