Silk Blow Prediction (Silk Set Only)

Silk-Blow-Xtra silksThese are the silk sets for the Silk Blow Prediction described above, and can be purchased separately as an alternate “prediction set” or for use with other change props..
They come in 2 varieties (King of Clubs & Eight of Diamonds). Each Set contains 3 different silks required for the trick. Two large 11″ silks and a smaller 5″ silk
These silk sets can be used for various different presentations and with different props including a Change Bag, Grocery Pop Change Bag, BANG GONE silk vanisher etc.

A spectator selects a card from a regular deck and displays it for all to see. The performer now removes a silk (approx. 11″ in size) from his pocket, and opens it out. Ha Ha ! The selected card is there, as are several others, any of which could have been the prediction. The performer is offended the audience is not impressed. He pushes his prediction silk into a bag and says a few magic words. He then asks a spectator to reach in and remove the silk.. But it is now two silks. The original silk has a blank space where the “selected card” was. And there is now another small silk (5″ in size), with the picture of the spectator’s selection. The two silks can be handed over to the spectators – there is nothing to find.

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