Mis-PredictionAnother card prediction effect with a novel twist.
Effect : The magician displays or hands over an envelope containing a prediction to someone in the audience. He invites another spectator to choose a card and hide it from the magician. 
Now the magician takes back the prediction envelope and takes out 3 cards from it and places them on the table saying one of them is the audience’s selected card which the magician had predicted. But alas! The prediction has gone wrong. 
The magician begs for another chance and takes out 3 more cards, and then 3 again, but none of these match the spectator’s selection.
Finally for the climax the magician turns all the cards on the table. They form a giant card, – obviously the one the spectator had selected.
Easy to do, and comes to you, ready to use, at a very modest cost.

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