Card In Balloon (New Model)

card-in-balloonA card is chosen, noted and signed, and replaced in the pack. A gleaming stand is shown and an inflated balloon is placed in a holder, while the deck of cards are placed at the base. At the magician’s command, the balloon bursts with a loud bang and in its place is the selected, signed card.
Hand crafted in brass, chrome plated apparatus that can be dismantled for easy packing.
Our New Model has a completely different mechanism that releases the lever just by a tap of the finger or magic wand over the balloon or on the ring holder of the balloon.
Supplied with instructions, use your own deck and balloons.

Card In Balloon (Standard)

This is the same effect with similar apparatus as described above. But the release mechanism is different and as per the classic version. The quality of this standard version is similar to our new model. Comes complete with instructions.