Appearing Canes – Colored- Stainless Steel

Ap-Cane-Col-SSThe Appearing Cane, originally created by Russ Walsh has become a classic of magic. There are very few magicians who have not used this at some time or the other in their acts.
We are now delighted to offer a colored stainless steel version of this classic prop. 

  • Long lasting Color treatment 
  • No rusting. No oiling and cleaning, no mess, no color fading. 
  • Far superior to colored plastic Canes, with no “temper” problems when used with silks, plumes etc.

A prop you will be proud to show off with in your act.
These canes were first introduced by us a few years ago. They were extremely expensive to make. We now have a major break through in their manufacture, and can supply them at almost half the price previously available. 
We currently have models in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White and Black.
Please specify color required when you order. 

(₹ 1800.00) ( ₹ 900.00)