Kings To Aces – Wonder

A magician shows 3 Kings and places them face down on the table. He then takes out 1 Card from his pocket (An Ace) and replaces one of the Kings with the Ace. He now picks up the 3 cards on the table and turns them over. They 3 Kings have now become 3 Aces. … Read more

Water of India – Wonder

This is a miniature version of the Lota Bowl, made in plastic. Being a miniature version, the amount of water is a small trickle, (perhaps ideal to pour on to a spectator’s cupped palm), but you can repeat this effect many, many, many times, much more often than you could with the standard Lota Bowl. … Read more

Finger Mouse Puppet

A cute mouse that seems to come alive. Partly cover the mouse with the other hand, and the mouse appears to scamper out. Stroke the mouse with the other hand, and it seems to wriggle out. Move the hands up over the body, and the mouse seems to crawl up the body. Practice the simple … Read more

Flower Spray From Wand in Pot – Synthetic Flowers

A larger stage deluxe version of the very popular Flower from Wand in Pot. Performer displays an empty Flower Pot. He taps this with his Magic Wand, and instantly a large spray of flowers appears in the Pot. We supply you the Flower Pot (4.75 inches in diameter) , Wand (12 inches) and Flower Spray … Read more

Zig Zag Bone

Break a bone and rejoin it instantly The Zig Zag Bone is similar to Zig Zag Pencil which is one of the best close-up effects and was a hit with magicians when first introduced several years ago. Many models have appeared over the years, some good and expensive, and some cheap and atrocious. The performer … Read more

Valentine’s Rose

Magician displays a white rose on a long stem and presents it to his beautiful assistant or “valentine” She is not impressed, so he cuts the white rose off and throws it away, but it miraculously re-appears on the stem. She is still not impressed, so he cuts the white rose off again and throws … Read more