super steel ball and tube

Super Steel Ball & Tube

The ball and tube mystery, where a steel ball magically sinks into a tube which is smaller on the inside than the diameter of the ball is an effect most magicians would be familiar with. We have the traditional model in our range, ( Ball & Tube Mystery ) We now have a super version […]

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mental color blocks

Mental Color Blocks

NEW ! A new and novel divination effect. Performer shows 5 plastic (Acrylic) Domino like Blocks with different colored spots on them. He displays an opaque black bag, to entrap the block, hiding it completely. A spectator is given the 5 blocks and the bag. He is asked to place any of the blocks in […]

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shimmed card

Shimmed Card – Bicycle

An original Bicycle Card with a Magnetic Steel Shim inserted between the layers of the card. A useful addition to your collection of Gimmick-ed Cards and one that will pass as just another card in normal use.  The Shimmed Card is the same thickness as normal Bicycle Card Perfect for all PK effects requiring a […]

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Colored Ropes

Rope Soft – Colored – 50 Feet

Special soft plaited colored cotton rope 50 feet long and 1/4 inch diameter for all your rope tricks. If you perform rope tricks, and want the right type of rope for all your effects, we have it, custom made for you. Available in RED, GREEN, DARK BLUE, YELLOW AND LIGHT GREEN. Please specify color when […]

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Jap Box

Jap Production Box

The Jap Production Box is a classic prop for silk productions. Very easy to use and quite deceptive in performance. Performer displays a regtangular tube that the audience can see right through, resting on a thin base with holes., so the audience can also see there is nothing concealed in the base. Having shown the […]

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Die to silk transformation

Die To Silk Transformation

A wonderful transformation of a Large Die to a Silk.  The performer displays an attractive wood cover on a base and a large Die with black spots. He also displays a frame with large openings. The Die is shown all around and then placed on the base. It is covered with the Frame which acts […]

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crystal thought condensor

Crystal Thought Condenser

A spectator selects a card from an ordinary deck. The performer displays a small solid crystal cube, which he explains will condense and focus thought rays, just like a lens focuses light rays. The cube is held between finger and thumb, right under the spectator’s nose, and being completely transparent, the spectators can see there […]

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Throw coils jumbo white

THROW COILS – # 10 (Jumbo White)

The performer throws out his hands, and several white Streamers shoot out, making for a very visual and dramatic effect. The ‘Throw Coils’ allow you to produce this dramatic effect, which can be used at any time in your show. For example when you take a bow after a trick which has produced a good […]

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Cloning King Jumbo

Cloning King – Jumbo

A new and amazing Jumbo Find The King Effect. The Magician fans out 3 cards, two of which are Ten of Clubs and 1 King of Hearts. The magician shuffles the cards and asks the spectator to find the King. The spectator fails, as the 3 cards in the magician’s hands are all Tens. Magician […]

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fire from palms gimmick

Fire From Palms – Gimmicks

You are supplied with two special gimmicks, one for each hand. With the help of these, you produce fire from your palms. Transfer the flame from one hand to the other, or magically extinguish it, and produce it as often as you wish. This is a fire effect, that requires handling care. Not recommended for […]

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