Miniature Poster Decal Set # 2 (Set of 15) – Gummed

We have produced a set of 15 miniature posters, about 4″ x 6″, including many of the famous magicians of  today. These are full color replicas of the originals, and selected for their attractive magical theme, and decorative as well as historic value. All posters are produced by permission of the original copyright owners. Produced … Read more

Cups & Balls – Mini Stainless Steel (2 5/8″D x 3 1/8″H)

The Cups and Balls are possibly the oldest surviving Magic effect, having been used by magicians over the centuries. Balls magically appear and vanish from under three cups, jump from under one cup to the other, change colors, or transform to onions, fruit, or even baby chicks. It is an effect you can perform for … Read more

Silk And Ball Vase – Large Wood (Collector’s Edition)

The apparatus supplied is handsomely handcrafted in solid wood, to give you an extremely attractive “collector’s quality” prop, for use on any stage. It permits you to perform a very magical routine, with a number of vanishes, transformations, and productions, with a vase, ball, and silk. A handsome wood vase is opened, and a handkerchief … Read more

Steel Ball Through Glass

Steel Ball Through Glass

This is a very deceptive and effective penetration of solid through solid. The performer displays a small wooden box with holes on top and bottom and a solid steel ball, which just passes through the holes in the box. A glass sheet is placed inside the box, so that it obstructs the holes, filling up … Read more

Pillars of Solomon

A neat little pocket trick you can do anytime anywhere. Display a ribbon passing through 2 plastic blocks. As you pull from one side and then the other, you can clearly see the ribbon pass through both blocks. Now take a blade or card and “cut” the ribbon in the middle. Swivel the blocks and … Read more