Sing Sing Ring Box

The magician borrows a wedding ring or a coin or any similar small article. Article can be wrapped in a handkerchief or folded into a piece of paper which is held over the top of a small brass box which is freely shown. Dramatically you show that the ring or article has vanished. Spectator takes … Read more

Birthday Surprise

A beautiful Birthday Party Card Trick by Dibya Guha Four cards with “Happy Birthday” printed on them magically transform into 4 different cards with pictures of a A Cake, A Gift Box, A Teddy Bear and Balloons printed on them. Ideal birthday party trick for kids and grownups. Comes with Video Instructions for Intermediate magicians. … Read more

Ghost Card Case

A spook effect with no clue to the uncanny manifestation of the ghost image. Magician removes a pack of cards from a black card case. He asks a spectator to pick a card, see it and show it to the rest of the audience without showing it to the magician. The spectator is asked to … Read more

Classic Indian Puzzle

Can you separate the two pieces, and put them back together again? This puzzle cannot be put down and may cause frustration and irritation. However once mastered you can sit and watch others suffer with a most satisfying smile!! Made with solid plastic plates that are approximately 4.25 inches into 1.8 inches. Comes with video … Read more


This model of the Svengali Deck allows you to Riffle from either the short or long edge to perform all the tricks. This special pack is the most popular trick deck ever created. Burling Hull in his Sealed Mysteries claims its invention and that he copyrighted it in 1909. The Svengali pack soon leaped into … Read more