Lantern Ball Outfit

The Lantern Ball is a very old item, and one of the few purely mechanical items performed by street magicians and ‘Jadoowallahs’ through the decades. It’s popularity can be attributed to the very strong visual effect of the item, and the fact that it can be performed surrounded, under all conditions.  Effect: The performer displays … Read more

Torch to Bouquet

The magician walks on stage holding a burning torch. He covers it with a tube and magically the torch vanishes and a beautiful bouquet appears in his hand. The Transformation is safe and automatic. Made with long lasting cock feathers for added durability. As with any fire effect, this requires care in use, and is … Read more

Visual Plume to Bouquet

A quality feather flower trick which is easy to do. Performer displays a large colorful plume. He sweeps his hand over it and it instantly and visually changes into a colorful bouquet. This can be used as a quick trick by itself, or for a touch of added magic in conjunction with any flower routine. … Read more

Cups & Balls – Wood

The Cups and Balls are possibly the oldest surviving Magic effect, having been used by magicians over the centuries. Balls magically appear and vanish from under three cups, jump from under one cup to the other, change colors, or transform to onions, fruit, or even baby chicks. It is an effect you can perform for … Read more

Blooming Carnation (Cloth)

The magician displays a long stalk, without any flower. With a magic pass, a bud appears at the end of the stalk, which slowly blooms into a large carnation. You can pretend to pluck off the flower and toss it into the air, where it apparently vanishes. It reappears on the stalk. Repeat this as … Read more

Shrinking Cards

This is a self working, visual magic effect which is a treat to the eyes of even a magician. Magician shows a packet of regular size cards which has Ace of Spades, King of Spades, Queen of Spades, Jack of Spades and Ten of Spades respectively in a row. He says, “These cards are magic … Read more