E.Z. Blendo Outfit

Performer shows two small silks, one red and one yellow. He ties a knot in the silks and attempts to fuse the silks to a single silk, but nothing happens. Then with a wave of the hands and a few magic words the knot vanishes and the two silks have fused into one another. Performer … Read more

Bill Tube (Gold Plated)

Bill Tube Gold Plated

We are pleased to present to the Magic fraternity this handsome prop, precision machined from Brass, engraved and plated in Gold,  which with a little care will last forever. In case you are not familiar with the Bill Tube, here is the basic effect. A Bill is borrowed, and the owner asked to make a … Read more

Nesto Multiplying Balls – Stainless Steel

Nesto Balls stainless steel

One Ball at the magician’s fingertips visibly multiplies to two, then three, and finally four. A classic effect, which you can do easily, and improve on for a life time ! Beautifully crafted from Stainless Steel (approximately 1.75″ in diameter) Currently we have only right hand model in stock.  

Cube to Ball Transformation

Cube to ball Transformation

A wonderful transformation of a Cube to a Ball.  The performer displays an attractive cover on a base and a scrambled Rubik’s cube . The cube is shown all around and then placed on the base. The cover is then paced over the cube. When the cover is lifted again,  the cube has vanished and … Read more

Nested Coin Box – Plastic

Nested Coin Box Plastic

The performer borrows a coin, which can be marked. It is covered by a handkerchief, and given to a spectator to hold.  He now removes from his pocket a plastic box, which is placed on the table, or given to another spectator to hold. The handkerchief is whipped away – the coin has vanished.  The … Read more

Clear Coin Vanish

Clear Coin Vanish

A coin, trapped between clear pieces of plastic, secured with rubber bands, disappears without a trace. A convincing and clean vanish that requires very little effort. The banded plates containing the coin are wrapped in a handkerchief and given to a spectator to hold. The coin vanishes and can reappear inside a knot tied in … Read more