Adair’s Scampering Spider

Scamp SpiderAnother clever concept from the fertile mind of Ian Adair, with exclusive marketing rights granted to Funtime Magic of Calcutta, India.

Effect – The performer displays seven illustrated cards – six of which display cobwebs and one a cheeky spider. One of the cobweb cards is placed aside, face down on the table, (or even in a spectator’s pocket.)

The spider card is now reversed face down. Another web card is also reversed in the fan of six cards. A spectator is asked to point to the spider card. But when reversed it proves to be a web card which is placed aside. Another web card is reversed, and again spectator asked to point to the spider card. Once again he is wrong.

This is repeated again, leaving you with two face-up web cards, and one face-down spider card. But when the face down card is reversed, it is another web – where has the spider gone ?

The web card originally placed aside is now reversed – and there is the spider, nesting in his web !

We supply all the specially printed cards in a convenient wallet, with step by step instructions for performing this cute close-up mystery. Carry it in your pocket, and perform any time, any place, for any audience !