Squirmy Worm Rope – Allan Lambie

Squirmy Worm RopeA piece of Rope becomes Animated, and magically coils around the performer’s thumb, like a pet snake.

Performer shows a piece of rope and freely holds it with the rope hanging down.

Suddenly the lower end of the rope curls up spookily and encircles the thumb. This is repeated several times until the rope is almost entirely around the thumb. The trick can be done at anytime during a performance as there is absolutely nothing attached to the hands or body. The effect is really spooky and unusual.

A prominent magician who saw the trick said ” it’s one of the cleverest rope tricks I have ever seen. It’s perfect for any act and excellent as an addition to a series of rope stunts.”

As an additional gag, you could also ink the rope with stripes to represent a snake.

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