Pocket Cutting A Lady In Half

Pocket Cutting A LadyMagician shows an envelope and a picture of a lady.
He puts the lady’s picture in the envelope and cuts it in the middle with a pair of scissors in to two halves, so the lady’s picture is also cut into halves. He shows the two cut pieces clearly in two hands.
Then he pulls out the top half of the lady’s picture from the top part of the envelope and the bottom part of the lady’s picture from the bottom part of the envelope.
Then the two pieces of lady’s picture are put back in the two parts of the envelope. He brings the two pieces of the envelope together and when he pulls out the lady’s picture it is seen to have restored back to the full lady. But the envelope remains in pieces. Complete with set of 10 envelopes which allow you the perform this amazing magic trick 10 times. Extra packets of 10 special envelopes for this effect are also available.

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