Plastic Production Watches #6

Plast-Prod-Watch-AdThis is a set of 6 plastic production Pocket Watches, which you may use in any production prop. They nest together to form a compact bundle which can also be “stolen” from a pocket or any other convenient place.
A tiny rubber band placed over the base of the stack of Nested Watches makes for a very compact bundle which will stay together and is easy to palm and handle.
For the production just push the upper fob part of the uppermost watch with your thumb, and peel it away with the other hand.
It would be a good idea to improvise a display stand for the watches, where you can place each watch as produced. 
If you plan to produce these from a production prop, you may also choose to thread a ball chain or silver string through the fob to simulate the chain for a Pocket Watch. Again after production you may choose to hang them on an improvised stand for better display.
We also have a metal set of a similar item, but this plastic set is far more economical. And it will not cut the hand like the metal outfit, if roughly or wrongly handled.

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