Peacock Color Changing Fan – Small – 7″

Peacock CC fanEffect :- A Fan changes from Green to Red, then to Blue, and finally to a beautifully decorated Fan in Rainbow colors, just like a Peacock’s tail.
Although the effect is similar to the popular Color Changing Fan, this has a very special construction, so that the complete fan changes color. There is also no obvious opening of the fan in opposite directions.
We supply you the specially made fan, beautifully off-set printed in full color, and laminated for long use.
This is a very visual magic effect, which you can perform as a quick trick to music, or with a presentation story.
For a kid show routine, you can tell them the story of the “Ugly Peacock”, whose tail was only green, not shimmering in rainbow colors, like all the other Peacocks. None of the Pea-hens would give him a second look. Then you help him with some magic, and turn it to red. But it is still no good. So you turn it to blue – but its still no good. Finally you change it to gorgeous rainbow colors, and the Peacock, and all the pea-hens are very happy !
Available in two sizes, (please specify which is required when ordering.)
Large Peacock CC Fan has blades 10″ long (Fan over 18″ diameter)
Small Dragon CC Fan has blades 7″ long  (Fan over 12″ diameter)

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