how time flies

How Time Flies

A clock is shown on all sides and placed on a “magic folder” Then with a few words it is magically made to vanish. Talk about “How Time Flies” The folder which is approximately 10″ x 8”  and clock are made out of plastic board and beautifully screened and will give you many years of […]

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another mirror box

Another Mirror Box

A compact, sturdy, and very economical model of the classic Mirror Production Box made from light weight ABS plastic. A very effective Production box with a door/flap on top. The door/flap can be opened allowing the audience to see right into the box . The Door is closed, and a large production of silks, decorations, flowers etc are produced […]

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umbo production flags

Jumbo Production Flags # 9

These flag silks are approximately 11″ x 8″ and are an excellent production item. Being made of silk, the flags can be loaded in a very small and compact space in virtually any production prop. You can also use them with a jumbo thumb tip. The set has a variety of 9 different flags.

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knife through bill

Knife Through Bill

Performer shows a knife and a currency bill or note which may be borrowed. A piece of paper, the same size as the bill is folded in half, and the knife pushed through the middle. When the knife is pulled sideways, it rips through the paper, as expected.  He then places the bill over another piece […]

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Color Me A Hat

Magicians traditionally produce Rabbits from Top Hats, and Rabbits are traditionally white and Top Hats are black, or that is the way it used to be. Today fashion demands a little more color, and even Top Hats come in designer shades of black and red and blue and gold ! This is a nice and […]

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Rattle Ring Box Large

Rattle Ring Box – Large

The Rattle Box is a classic prop for vanishing a borrowed coin from a spectator’s hands, and having it appear elsewhere. This is a slightly larger model, in a deluxe wood finish, that will enable you to perform the effect with any borrowed coin or finger ring. This box measures about 4.5″ long, 3″ wide […]

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nested thimbles

Nested Thimble Pairs

The apparatus supplied with this outfit comprises of  what appears to be two thimbles. In fact, each thimble is a nested pair, with one thimble inside the other, so that you really have a total of four thimbles. With the help of these thimbles you can perform any of the standard thimble effects, described in […]

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Rose to silk 300x300

Rose To Silk

This is a neat magical touch which can be used by any performer in his act. The performer has a Rose in his lapel.  He plucks at the Rose, and it immediately transforms into a silk about 12″ Square.  The performer can simply tuck away the silk, or use it if he wishes for a follow […]

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Magician displays a bottle of Martini. A drink may be poured out of the bottle if desired. The bottle is covered with a paper Cylinder, only half the height of the bottle. The whole assembly is covered with a large handkerchief, and the magician says he can make the bottle vanish invisibly, under cover of the handkerchief, […]

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