Over And Under Puzzle

A most intriguing optical illusion. Two different colored pieces shaped like boomerangs are shown. The upper boomerang is obviously shorter than the one below. Then the smaller one is stretched and shown to be longer. Finally, both are shown to be exactly the same. Made from board and beautifully laminated We regularly receive queries for … Read more

Slippery Witch

A plastic block threaded on two lengths of shoelaces is held securely by a spectator. After a magic pass, the block frees itself from the laces! All can be examined.

Headless Lady Illusion

This illusion works on an ingenious geometric vanish, based on the Curry Paradox. It always works, but can you figure out how ? You have a picture of a dancing girl printed in Black & White on one side of the board, and an identical picture in the same size, printed in colour on the … Read more

Hat Production Cage

A metal cage that folds so you can fit 3 or more of these into a hat, and which expands when produced, complete with a real bird. Handcrafted metal work (Brass – Nickle plated), on a design by Prof Hoffman from a century ago, this magic prop is a piece of craftsmanship you will be … Read more

Adair’s “A Queen Like No Other”

The Parade of Kings, (or our version titled Dream Queen) has been one of the finest and most popular 4 card packet effects ever created. Now Ian Adair has come up with another variation – A super-duper self-contained packet trick which runs as follows: A plastic pocket containing a set of four cards is shown … Read more