Magic By Misdirection – Sam Dalal

Magic By Misdirection BookThis is the second book in the series, written by Sam Dalal for A Beginners Course on Magic.

The tricks, effects and ideas in this volume require more from you as the performer than the basic secret of the trick or the props. Therefore, this book puts less emphasis on apparatus magic and more on Presentation, and proper use of the technique of “misdirection” in its various forms. There is a complete chapter on misdirection covering each angle in detail that is very helpful for the learners.

The book includes effects with Paddles, various Card tricks including methods of false shuffling and forcing, Set-up decks, tricks with Coins, Match Boxes, Silks, Ropes and chemical effects plus more.

The tricks in this volume are not difficult to do but should be practised well before presenting them. In addition, you must think in terms of presentation. (INR 30.00)

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