Jumbo Fooled Again

JumboFooledAgainThe magician shows both the front and back of 3 cards, viz.- Eight of Hearts, Ace of Spades & Five of Diamonds in a fan. He squares up the 3 cards and places them under a silk or hanky. Now he takes out the first card, i.e. Eight of Hearts, shows it on both sides and keeps it aside. Next he takes out the Five of Diamonds, shows the front and back and keeps it aside.

The magician now claims that the Ace of Spades has vanished. The audience says the Ace of Spades is still under the hanky as he has not shown the hanky to be empty.  The magician denies this and takes out the 3rd card left under the hanky. 
When he shows the card, the audience reads “FOOLED” written on it. The audience demand that the magician show the other side. The magician turns the card around to reveal the words “FOOLED AGAIN”. The Ace of Spades has really vanished. The routine reaches its climax when the magician declares that the Ace of Spades has not vanished as it was not there from the very beginning. He then proceeds to remove the Ace of Spades from his coat pocket..

Complete with the required Jumbo Cards and detailed illustrated instructions.

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