In N Out Boxes

IN N OUT BoxesEffect :- Performer shows a black box. The box is opened and another red box removed from inside this. Obviously the black box is bigger than the red box.
The red box is opened, and you can produce Silks or a Sponge Ball or some other item from inside this like Coins, Currency Bills, Jewelry, etc. that would fit into the box.
The black box is now closed, put into the red box, which is again closed. Obviously now the red box is bigger than the black one !
This can be repeated a couple of times if you wish. Finally you can give both boxes for examination. Both are exactly the same size. And the audience can see there are no elastic sides, moving parts, trap doors, or anything similar.
Easy to do – no sleights or switches – this works itself.
This is a pocket model of the item, (the boxes measure 32 mm x 38mm x 43 mm), made in plastic that will far outlast board models, and available at a very affordable price. 

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