Impossible Die Escape

Impossible Die EscapeThis is one of the cleverest close-up Penetration Effects we have come across in a long time.
The apparatus comprises of a square tube, closed at one end with holes through two sides, a regular die with holes through it, and a miniature Magic Wand.
The Die is dropped into the tube, and the wand inserted through the holes. The Wand goes through the Tube and Die, locking in firmly in the tube. A spectator can examine this – the die is locked in the tube, and cannot possibly come off till the wand is removed.
The performer however locks the die in the tube, inverts it, and with a simple tap, causes the die to penetrate right off the wand. It really seems impossible.
The clever secret will intrigue you – and its so easy to do, you can do it the first time you try, after reading the instructions. No exchanges, sleights or tricky moves, – this works exactly as it reads.
Impossible Die Escape comes to you complete to perform right away, at a very low affordable price.

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