Dragon Color Changing Fan Large – 7″ & Small 5″

Dragon CC Fan WdragEffect :- A Fan changes every time it is closed and opened, from Yellow to Red, then to Rainbow Colors, and finally to a beautifully decorated Dragon Fan.
Although the effect is similar to the popular Color Changing Fan, this has a very special construction, so that the complete fan changes color. (See photographs) There is no apparent opening of the fan in opposite directions.
You can call this a Chameleon Fan that changes colors like a Chameleon. Change the colors from Yellow to Red to Rainbow Colors.
Then say you will show them the grand daddy of all Chameleons, and display the Dragons.
We supply you the specially made fan, beautifully off-set printed in full color, and laminated for long use.
Available in two sizes, with two different dragon designs. (Please specify which is required when ordering.)
Large Dragon CC Fan has blades 7″ long (Fan over 12″ diameter)
Small Dragon CC Fan has blades 5″ long  (Fan over 8″ diameter)

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