DonkeyMnkey-CompetitionEffect: Pictures of a Monkey and a Donkey on two arc shaped board cutouts are displayed.
The Monkey is seen to be longer than Donkey. The performer then stretches the Donkey and he is seen to have turned longer than the Monkey. Next he does the same with the Monkey and now the Monkey is longer than the Donkey. The performer repeatedly stretches one or the other and the optical illusion is unbelievable. For a climax he then shows that both are identical in shape and size.
This is a large version (over 7.5″ in size) of the Over/Under or Banana Puzzle with pictures of a Monkey and a Donkey. Due to its large size, the optical illusion can be performed in the hand and viewed from a distance and is very convincing.
An easy to do, self working “illusion” that you can use as a quick effect for your Magic show, or as an M.C. spot, and supplied at a very affordable low price.

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