CD Changed and Gone

CD-Chngd-GoneTricks with CDs are quite popular today, as tricks with records once were. Most of these are variations of the Color Changing Records, with a few other novel effects (penetrations, Zig-Zag CD, Flaming CD etc.) for variety.
This prop is a modified version of Norman’s Card Go prop used for vanishing a Jumbo Card. 
Besides being adapted for use with CDs, the mechanism has been modified to allow you to change a CD, or vanish it, or do both in the routine.
A sample routine :- performer displays a stand with a cutout hole, and a colored CD – say yellow. The CD is clearly visible through the cutout. A silk is draped over the stand, and when removed, the CD has changed to red. The frame is opened, and the complete CD can be displayed freely on both sides. It is replaced in the stand, a silk passed in front, and the CD has completely vanished.
Or display a blank CD on both sides, and say you will print it in your magic CD machine to the Hit number on Top of the Charts. Change the CD, and you can even play the changed CD in any portable CD player.
You can use the prop to change two or three silver CDs to different colors as in the Color Changing CD effects.
We supply you the stand, (which folds flat for convenience), and two regular CDs (silver on one side, colored on opposite side) and detailed instructions for its use.

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