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Mail bag escape

Mail Bag Escape Illusion

Here is a full size Stage illusion that you can carry in your suitcase. The magician is locked in the Canvas Bag, using a solid metal road and padlocks. A sheet or curtain is held up in front of the locked bag and the magician escapes in a flash. The Bag, the rod, and the […]

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Houdini Chain Shackle Escape

This escape prop has become popular with magicians due to its simplicity in working. Four solid chains are fastened to an oval shaped welded steel link. You are locked with a pair of chains encircling each wrist and padlocked, hands behind your back.  Within seconds, you are free your. Padlocks and the handcuff can be […]

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Thumb Cuff Escape

This is an ungimmicked set of professional thumb cuffs as used by many police departments around the world. When applied to the spectator’s thumbs, it’s impossible for him to escape. But, when the spectator locks the thumb cuffs onto the performer’s thumbs, he’s out in a jiffy. The secret is simple yet little known. Audiences […]

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