Cartoon Instant Art #5 – SET 2

Cartoon-Inst-Art-set-2Most magicians are familiar with the Instant Art or Color-It pictures, where a black & white picture in a frame visibly gets colored when pulled out. Magician P.S. Prakash and G.Sreenivas have now added an extra dimension to this effect, combining some “magical” Cartoon Art to the coloring theme, for an added punch.
You get a board frame which can hold a card and five different cartoon art color changing pictures
The basic effect is that the Black and white (B/W) picture in the frame transforms into a different colored picture when the card is pulled out. 
Effect 1 : Magician shows the frame with the numbers 4,20, and 7. as he poses the question “who was the author of the famous speech that starts with these numbers –  FOUR SCORE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO.”? 
And if the audience hasn’t responded he continues, ”Of course , we all know it was Abraham Lincoln as he delivered his historic Gettysbrug address ..”
Effect 2: Magician shows the frame with a card and asks who walked with the crazy waddle, in his big pointed shoes? 
It was obviously the one and only, hilariously funny CHARLIE CHAPLIN….
Effect 3: Magician shows the frame with a card with a picture of a MILK BOTTLE  on it. 
“Do you know who loves milk even more than children ?” 
When he pulls out the card the bottle changes to a CAT.
Effect 4:. Magician shows the frame with a card having a Picture of a dove and says that some famous magician produce doves. But all magicians produce rabbits. 
When he pulls out the card the dove  changes to a rabbit..
Effect 5: Magician shows the frame with a card showing the picture of a clown’s hat! He asks the people “who wears the funny hat! 
And he pulls out the card which changes to a CLOWN.
Credit for the cartoon art pictures goes to Ed Harris who has illustrated some of these cartoons in his “Chalk Talk” books.
A nice outfit for any Kid or General Show. Pictures are a large 5″ x 8″ size, making them suitable for a platform or floor show for a large audience. 

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