Billet Change Box

Billet Change Box This is a deluxe model of a classic utility prop, with many applications.

The apparatus appears as a simple box, with a slit on top. Several spectators write a word on a slip of paper, which is folded and dropped into the box. The cover is lifted off the box, and a spectator invited to freely choose one of the slips. However the slip is a force, with the word you want.

The slip could contain names of famous people, and the selected picture of the person could appear in a sand frame, or as a prediction in an envelope. Instead of names, you could use other words(names of Animals or Birds, or places to visit, or favorite foods. or whatever you like). You can use numbers, or simple geometric designs.)

Once the word is forced you can reveal it in dozens of ways, as your imagination dictates. Sand Frame, Spirit Slates, etc. can be used with the box to good effect, besides the usual PREDICTION in an envelope.

The Billet Change box is made from wood and is approximately 6″ in Length, 3.5″ in Breadth and 3.5″ in height.

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