World’s Best Metal Puzzles – Quandary

The Quandary is a classic puzzle. It really is very simple in principle, requiring two movements to set the small piece free. Both movements are distinct from each other, and finding one does not really help you in finding the next. So although it should be simple, we have never seen anyone work the Quandary … Read more

World’s Best Metal Puzzles – The Menace

Can you separate the two M pieces, and put them back together again? This Puzzle is unique as it is very simple to put together but annoyingly difficult to get apart! This puzzle cannot be put down and may cause frustration and irritation, hence the name ! However once the Menace has been mastered you … Read more

Utility Switch Deck

utility switch deck

As the name suggests this is a deck of cards with versatile applications in close-up magic. To all appearances it is an ordinary deck of cards, which can be fanned and displayed, and shuffled.  However, a small block of cards has been very cleverly gimmick-ed to make possible some excellent productions, vanishes, or exchanges of … Read more

Top Color Force

This is a very simple and very effective color force with a very novel prop. It will permit you to “set” your “force color” right in front of the audience, and change this as often as you wish, enabling you to repeat the effect as often as you like. The apparatus supplied comprises of a … Read more

Telepathic Takeaway

A “mental effect” with a comedy twist, using colorful props that do not look like “magician’s toys”, that will appeal to any audience. Effect & Presentation : “And now, ladies and gentlemen” says the performer, “we take a short commercial break for a preview  of the Telepathic Take-away, the fastest, most popular food joint on … Read more