Crazy Circles and Squares

Crazy CnSA pack flat prop, that occupies negligible space in your bag of tricks, makes a negligible dent in your pocket, and gives you several minutes of entertainment in your act. Kid show performers will love this.
The performer displays a long strip of board, showing four red circles, and a green square on top. He passes the strip behind his back, and the green square is at the bottom, with the four red circles on top. The audience is obviously not impressed, as they tell the performer he is simply turning the strip over.
Our “hard of hearing” performer doesn’t notice, and repeats the effect once again, passing the strip behind his back, and transferring the green square from bottom to top.
At this stage the boos get louder, and the performer realises the audience is accusing him of simply turning the strip over. He pleads his innocence, as he does turn the strip over, and on the other side are five squares in different colors.
But that is not what the audience had meant by “turning the strip over”. So the performer turns the strip “a-round”, and the five different colored squares have turned to five different colored circles.
At this stage the audience believe the trick is as crazy as the performer. Once again the performer turns the strip over, and now it shows alternating squares and circles, and leaves the audience wondering “How does he do it ?” …”Why does he do it ?”
The trick is easy to do. No flaps. No switches. A novel mechanism makes the many changes easy to handle – almost automatic. It makes a big display for a large audience, and comes at a most affordable price.