Coffee Vase (Stainless Steel)

The Coffee Vase is a classic prop, originally designed to change Coffee Beans to edible liquid Coffee. It is a very versatile prop, for changing solid or liquid items. This is different to the Reception apparatus, (also available from us in stainless steel), comprising of a cylindrical Vase, and a short plug type cover.

It will allow you to change or transform Liquids, Silks, Ribbons, Spring Flowers, Confetti, Cotton Wool etc. 
An effect along the lines of the original from which the prop gets it’s name is to put some coffee beans and white cotton wool (to represent milk) in to the apparatus. These are transformed into a couple of cups of hot coffee for your audience. A variation of the above would be put in tea bags and cotton wool, and produce a potable cup of tea.

Our instructions give many other presentation ideas – for example :-
After the Milk magazine effect, pour out milk in to the apparatus.  Transform this into several white silks, which you use for a follow up silk effect like silk dying.
Pour coloured confetti into the apparatus, and transform it into multi colour tissue paper garlands, or  a Ribbon Fountain.  This is a very appealing presentation, with a big visual impact.

Transform white confetti to edible puffed rice or Pop Corn.
Made in sparkling Stainless Steel, to give you a highly durable prop, and safely hold liquids you can consume, this item measures 7 1/2″ in height and 2 3/4″ in diameter and comes to you complete with instructions and many ideas for its use.