Silky PredictionAnother clever prediction idea from Magician Sreenivas of Kakinada.

The Magician hands over six  ribbon pieces, two each of three colors i.e., Red, Yellow and Green to a spectator and asks him to mix them thoroughly.

He states that he has placed three silks in a box (or bag), which is already on the table, which will exactly match the spectator’s choice.

Now the performer asks the spectator to select any three ribbons from the six. They could be all three different colors, or 2 of one color and one of another, (like two reds and a green). Give the spectator an opportunity to change his mind, if he so wishes. There is no force.

Finally the magician removes the three silks kept in the box, which match the spectator’s selection, and the box (or bag) is shown completely empty. No extra silks are used.

We supply the three special prediction “silks” about 10.5″ square, the 6 ribbons, and full working instructions that will allow you to perform this right away.

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