Fool Monte 3 Card Trick – Ian Adair

FoolmonteHere’s an unusual three card monte or “find the Queen” routine.

The performer displays three separate cards, blank on all sides. He arranges them into a fan. He asks a spectator to imagine this is the famous Three Card Trick, rather like Find the Lady, without the pictorial images. Pointing to the centre card, he states that this represents a court card and it is the spectator’s job to follow its whereabouts. The cards are dealt onto the table surface. The spectator points to the to the obvious card. The other two cards are lifted away and shown on both sides to be blank.

“Well, it seems that no matter which card you pointed to, all three could represent the court card. However, you were absolutely right in your selection – (remaining card is reversed to show it has a court face image)”.

Remember: There are no sleight of hand moves. No double lifts or counts. No rough and smooth. It’s very easy to do and is 100% mechanical in its working. Complete with cards and instructions by Ian Adair.

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