Flash Card Prediction Silk 8D

Flash Pred SilkEffect : The performer says he has a silk with a prediction in the form of a card a spectator will select. A spectator selects a card from a deck.
The performer displays a silk with several cards on it as the prediction, (including the selection). The audience think this is a gag, and the performer is pulling their leg! The silk is displayed clearly and completely on both sides, stretched flat between the hands.
He now asks the audience to name the selected card. The spectator does so. The performer snaps the silk, and it is found to instantly transform into a large replica of the selected card, which is again displayed on both sides.
Ready to use (you need to force the card, and our instructions give you some easy methods for this) this is a very novel silk change that will appeal to any audience. Made from superior quality silk, and double lined, (so the silks beneath do not flash through), this is a quality silk prop that fits in the pocket, plays for a large audience, and one any performer can find use for in his act.


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