Edwin’s Everyone Wins

Everyone-Wins-01This gem of an idea now lies buried on page 76 of Edwin’s Magic Vol 2. since Edwin (Hooper) and his Supreme Magic Co. are no more
It has all the ingredients of the best of Magic effects, – it is extremely simple and fool proof to perform, very effective for any audience with the appropriate presentation, and highly versatile, allowing the performer to use it for almost any type of show, from Children’s Birthday Party Shows. to Comedy effects, or Mental effects.
As Edwin says, “I had great fun in working out this little effect. I believe it is the most commercial ‘Just Chance’ trick that I ever sold as a dealer.”
The effect – There are three clear tumblers covered  by three different colored covers in a row. Two spectators select two of the tumblers freely (absolutely no force, and they can change their minds as often as they wish), leaving you with the third.
Everyone-Wins-04They get empty tumblers – you get one filled with currency bills or the Jackpot. Or for a Birthday party, three kids compete,  – and the birthday kid gets the chocolate bar, while the other two get empty tumblers. Once you are familiar with the working, you will discover several presentations, since  you can have a tumbler “full” or “empty” entirely under your control. You can even turn the tables, and have two kids discover candy bags with congratulatory messages in their tumblers, while you get a consolation note !
We supply you the three gimmicked velvet bags in three different colors, responsible for the effect. In addition you will require three ordinary clear glass or plastic tumblers that will fit under the bags – (most common ones will serve the purpose).
Supplied with the special bags, and instructions.

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