Computer Mind Reading Cards

This is a very easy yet baffling mind reading effect which you can carry in your pocket, and perform any time, any place.
A spectator is asked to think of any card of the 52 in a deck. No forces, no ifs and buts – he can select any of the 52 cards !
The performer now hands him eight specially printed computer cards, each of which has some random card pips printed on it. The spectator is asked to check each card, and retain those cards which show his selected card, and discard the others.
When he has done this, the magician is instantly able to reveal the selected card.
The apparatus supplied comprises of the eight transparent plastic “Computer cards” with card pips, specially prepared, which do all the work for you. You can do it as soon as you read the instructions.
There have been other similar effects, but this one is outstanding – very easy to do, and very effective. Makes an excellent addition to your collection of “any time – any where” tricks, or a highly affordable give away at a very low price.