Bang Card

Bang CardA very novel prop for the discovery of a “selected” card.
A spectator “selects” a card from a deck. It is shuffled back into the deck. Performer introduces a large and colorful “gun”, and asks the spectator to ruffle the deck towards the gun. 
BANG goes the gun, and the selected card appears at the tip of the gun. The audible and visual combination of the production make for an  impact on any audience.
In case you are wondering, Yes, this works on the same principle as the BANG GONE Silk Vanisher prop, except that in this case it is a large and attractive Gun shaped prop, made durably in board, and offset printed in vibrant colors.
Yes, the card is forced for the effect, but we give you five cards in each outfit, so you can present this for the same audience with a different card for different shows.
A large stage size prop, that enables you to present a card trick for a large audience. Packs flat, and comes to you at a very affordable price.

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