Flower Production Foulard

This is an extremely easy, very impressive and visually appealing stage production. The performer displays a Foulard stretched flat between his hands on both sides. The Foulard is held at the center, allowing the corners to fall. Reaching into the “tent” formed by the empty foulard, he produces a large Bouquet of Flowers. The Foulard … Read more

Drooping Rose – Cloth

This looks like a long stem rose. It is fitted with a special mechanism that makes the flower wilt or droop whenever you wish. An excellent comedy item, – for example every time a boy blows on the flower it wilts, and when a girl blows on it, it stands upright. Supplied with instructions and … Read more

Flower Basket (with Flower)

The magician shows an empty wire basket  which the audience can see through. It seems impossible this could conceal anything. In an instant, without cover of any sort, the basket fills completely with a huge bouquet of flowers. The Apparatus supplied by us consists of a special mechanical brass basket, plated silver, and a bunch … Read more

Flowers from Flatland

” A one dimensional line, or a two dimensional plane (with length and width, but no height) has no real existence. A three dimensional solid, like a cube, with length, breadth and height can exist.  It is possible to create the illusion of a three dimensional object like a cube, by a two dimensional drawing.  … Read more

Torch to Rose

Walk onto stage carrying a lit torch that could be used to light a candle or a piece of flash paper for a dramatic effect. A hand is passed over the torch, and it instantly changes into a long stemmed rose. A very pretty opening item, that makes for a “welcome” change in your act.  … Read more

Production Flower Bouquet # 8 (Pair)

These are production bouquets of eight large flowers made in a combination of feather leaves and cloth petals. We supply two different colored bouquets in each pair, one for each hand, – or “mix” them together, to produce an extra large multicolor bouquet.  Ideally  these bouquets are produced from thin air after showing your hands … Read more