Transformation Box – Antique

transformation box antiqueIf you want a Utility prop, in a deluxe finish – a prop that you will be proud to show off in your act or on your shelf, then this one is a very good buy.

The transformation box is similar to the Drawer box, but with many additional possibilities. It is like a Change Bag, in that you can use it to produce, vanish or change items. You can also use it for a double production – make a production, show box empty, then make a second production. 

This  is a  solid wood model which measures 7″ long, 4″ wide and 4″  high. Beautifully crafted in select hardwood, with an engraved wood top, inlaid with brass trim, and lacquered in a natural finish, the box exudes an aura of “mystery”.  Holes on the sides of the box enable the audience to see the box is empty inside, when the drawer is pulled out. 

Place a white handkerchief in the box, and have it transform into a couple of live white mice ! Use it to switch a couple of decks of ordinary cards for your gimmicked ones. Say it is your magic treasure box – full of money, or jewelry, then have it all vanish when the “robbers” open the box ! Fill the box with several small silks, then have them transform to a large multicolor silk or flag … the uses for this box are limited by your imagination. 

Highly recommended as a collector quality utility prop.