Zig Zag Deck

This is another of the umpteen variations of Robert Harbin’s famous Zig Zag Lady, performed with a full deck of cards.
A full deck of cards is displayed, being fanned or ribbon spread to show it is a complete deck. The deck is put into a miniature cabinet, like the one used for the famous Zig Zag Lady illusion.
Two of the cards are now removed from the deck, and passed through two slots in the cabinet, apparently cutting the deck in three. The middle portion of the deck is now moved to one side, and they can see right through the middle. This is then moved back, and the deck removed and fanned once again to show it ordinary and unharmed.
We supply you the special cabinet ready to work, and a special deck of plastic cards, that will outlast normal board playing cards many times over, with complete instructions. Easy to do.